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Service Providers

Service providers are the backbone of our operations everywhere. These include lawn & garden dealers and representatives across the country and we are always in search of additional forward-thinking partners to strengthen our presence around the U.S., enabling us to serve more clients and supporting in modernizing the industry. Our partners must be able to support MowFleet with a local sales presence, perform field installations and both preventive and corrective maintenance. In addition to this, we are looking for partners and personalities that have a true interest in changing the industry in favor of a safer and more environmentally friendly technology.

Contractors and/or Internal Workforce

Contractors include all third-party companies providing lawn care services to their clients. The benefits are many. For one, the solution clearly fits well with key market trends and MowFleet provides the contractor with a strong differentiator when bidding for new projects. Additionally, it gives the contractor the ability to charge more for clean and quiet features. Furthermore, the MowFleet business model aligns well with that of most landscaping firms.

As confirmed by a landscaping company CEO using the MowFleet solution:

MowFleet’s solution makes me more effective and less dependent on staff and weather, I can plan my work week much better. My total cost is lower than before and I even managed to increase prices with more than 25% since I am the only one that can offer a quiet solution with zero CO2 emissions. The business model from MowFleet is great as there are no large upfront investments, giving me the opportunity to align the cash out with my cash in. This year I will at least double the MowFleet volume and the more I win, the more MowFleet I need.


The MowFleet end users include gated communities, HOAs, municipalities, schools, universities, golf/country clubs, or any other organization with large areas of grass to maintain. The end-users enjoy the benefits of having their lawns mowed by the world’s only automated lawn care system! This means that, whether you have your own in-house lawn care personnel or have it outsourced, you will enjoy quiet, efficient, and environmentally friendly lawn care and can rest assured you made a great choice.

As an example, find below this reference from a hotel property manager:

The evaluation we made of the system with robotic lawn mowers in 2016 shows that we save about 12 hours of mowing per week. We - and our guests especially - appreciate the low noise level from the robot mowers, but it’s our opinion that the lawns also look better now than in comparison to before. The fact that we now also have lower costs related to lawn maintenance makes us very satisfied with our choice of going with the system of robotic lawn mowers.

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