As an example, we can refer to a system we installed at the conference hotel "Vår Gård" in Saltsjöbaden, outside of Stockholm, Sweden. The hotel has 10 separate lawn areas with a total area of approximately 9,500 m² (2.35 acres or 102,220 sq ft).

Previously, the maintenance was performed with a larger ride-on lawnmower of type Kubota ZD28, 71” width. With the Kubota mower, it took about 13 hours per week to cut the lawns, not including edge cutting and trimming.

MowFleet installed a system of robotic mowers in April 2016. According to our project calculations, the total area could be covered by three robots. The client had a wish to display some robot mowers for the arriving guests in front of the hotel area, so we added two more robots for this purpose. One robot would constantly cut outside the conference rooms and the other one at the entrance to the hotel. Their system, therefore, consisted of a total of five robot mowers, out of which three were moved between eight separate lawns. After the installation in 2016, it occupied about 30 minutes per week to move the robots including edge cutting and trimming.

The installations at the hotel cost approximately $5,000. The client also requested to include five extra charging stations to avoid moving them between the separate lawn areas. Turn-key ready, this cost them an extra $3,000. Under normal circumstances, you can assume a 10-year lifetime on all our installations and charging stations.

If you schedule to cut your lawns 22 weeks per year, which is average in Central Sweden, and that the cost for the mower including personnel is about $60 per hour, we find that the cost to cut all lawns before the robot mowers were installed was about $17,000 per year. With the robotic lawn care system, you can write off the cost for the installations and the charging stations over five years or you can take the whole cost the first year. On top of that, you add the yearly subscription of $90 per 1000 sq ft and year. In the case of hotel Vår Gård in Sweden, the annual fee will be about $9,200 per year, depending on the contract length etc. One can thus see 50% savings in cost together with easier planning of staff around vacation time and Holidays, etc.

"The evaluation we made of the system with robotic lawn mowers in 2016 shows that we save about 12 hours of mowing per week. We - and our guests especially - appreciate the low noise level from the robot mowers, but it’s our opinion that the lawns also look better now than in comparison to before. The fact that we now also have lower costs related to lawn maintenance makes us very satisfied with our choice of going with the system of robotic lawn mowers."

Thomas Lindvall
Property Manager, Vår Gård Saltsjöbaden
September 2016