Do I have to connect the MowFleet boundary wire to the power grid?

No, this is one of the main advantages of our system. Conventional stationary robots need a power grid connection, a 24/7 110/240V installation. This means a very costly high current power line needs to be installed and connected to safe power outlets in public parks etc. The MowFleet system is fully battery powered and no grid connections are needed! This makes the system much more adaptable and also saves a lot in upfront investment and set-up time.

How does the base station work?

The base station is battery driven and charged every night together with the robotic mowers. You connect it to a stationary base plate when you arrive at the fields in the morning, and no power outlet/grid connection is required!

How is the boundary wire installed?

There are several trenching tools available that creates a shallow and narrow slit in the lawn. Our local partner will perform this for you and we will educate you in how it works and also how to fix small issues if they occur.

What robot model are you offering?

MowFleet can integrate any of the robot manufacturers (Husqvarna, Honda, Sthil and more) to create the best solution. By having this option MowFleet can always offer the best equipment available.

Where and how do I charge the robots?

All the robots and base stations are charged inside the transportation solution. You only have to connect to one power outlet. Within approx. 1,5 hours the robots will be fully charged and ready to be deployed in the next area. We will help you to check if you have enough Amps in your outlet based on how many robots your system requires.

Will the robots cut randomly or in a pattern?

The robots will cut randomly based on an advanced algorithm, which also helps you get a lawn without track patterns. It will just look very nice and neat!

Will I have access to the mowers with an app?

Yes, you will have full control and access with the Fleetservice App. You can see their location, receive alarms, start/stop operation and adjust the cutting height. All with just a couple of clicks on your smartphone.

Does MowFleet offer technical support for the app?

MowFleet are currently offering the Husqvarna Automowers, and their Fleetservice App. Husqvarna offers support through all their dealer network and MowFleet can always be contacted through our email or phone number.

What are the minimum and the maximum number of robots in one system?

We suggest a minimum of 4 robots per system, which under normal circumstances can maintain about 6-8 acres of lawn area divided in 20 fields (4 fields per weekday). There is no maximum, but normally we suggest that one operator and truck/trailer should not be responsible for more than 20 robots.

How can we learn more about the deployment schedule and run times?

MowFleet will help to develop a schedule for deploying/collecting the robots. The deployment routes will be optimized in collaboration with you and your work crew. Parameters like; work hours, work days, team structure and responsibilities, etc. will have an impact on the optimization.

Do I need to have a dedicated technician for the system?

Operating the system is very easy. The responsible operator needs to have a driver's license and be able to put in a PIN code + carry the 28 lbs robots. That's all! MowFleet will educate you, your team leader, and your crew so that you will be able to operate the equipment problem-free.


Is there a big upfront investment in the system?

Yes, but only for MowFleet - There’s no big upfront investment for our customers. End-clients only pay per sq ft area covered by the robots and an initial fee for the installation of the fields. MowFleet will supply robots, base stations, boundary wire, and transportation solution. Trailer and/or truck is not included since it’s depending on the client’s preferences. Make your business development dreams possible with our business model, where you can align the cash out with the cash in. Instead of pouring your hard earned money into expensive and maintenance demanding equipment, you can relax and always rely on MowFleet to keep your robots 100% operational and up for the task.

How much does the MowFleet robotic lawn care service cost?

The price is determined by the size of the areas you wish to be automated. Normally we can give you an estimate by assessing the areas via online tools such as Google Earth and similar. But, we prefer to visit you and go through the areas and evaluate them based on some important parameters:

  • The general shape of the areas. A perfect square is very effective, while a long and narrow area is ineffective.
  • The number of obstacles in the area, such as trees, flowerbeds, and playgrounds, etc. will have an impact on the effectiveness. The more obstacles, the less effective the system becomes.
  • Your work crews working hours. The system is optimal if the robots can work 10 hours per day. Shorter days mean less area covered per day.
  • The distance between the different areas. We will help you to evaluate an appropriate deployment schedule to save as much time as possible.

The sum of these parameters will inflict on how big areas the robots can cover per day and week, and we will help you set up a system that is built on your needs.


Who can use the MowFleet system?

The ideal users of the MowFleet system are either internal workforces or contractors that are maintaining big open lawn areas for gated communities, HOAs, school districts, municipalities, cities, universities or commercial properties. The true benefits of the system are found when the new routines have been honed in, and the work crews can perform more skilled tasks in parallel with the robots mowing the lawns.

Who will use the system?

Either internal workforces or maintenance contractors will be the ones operating the system. The end-client can present the MowFleet solution to their current service providers, or the contractors can take initiative and offer all the benefits of the system as a part of their regular maintenance service.

Can I, as a contractor, handle multiple sub-properties within a single contract?

Yes, and that’s up to you as a contractor. MowFleet supply the hardware and help you set up the fields. The contractor can choose to schedule deployment of the robots at one end-user on let’s say Mondays, and at another end-client on Tuesdays and so forth. If they have different commercial clients each day, they will move them accordingly.

Who will pay for the MowFleet service?

Either the internal workforce or the contractor leases the service and will pay for the area they wish to be mowed. So, MowFleet will set-up a system that can cover the requested area. It’s a function lease where the maintenance is included, and MowFleet will see that the system is fully operational at all time, and exchange machines will be available if unplanned maintenance would occur.

How can we integrate this with our other lawn care services?

The customers that MowFleet are targeting use ride-on mowers today. The MowFleet system gives them an option to replace their ride-ons with robotic mowers. Normally, the workforce will still have a reduced number of ride-ons and they will mix the MowFleet with their ride-ons and free time for their workforce to execute other more qualified tasks in parallel. The rest of the operations can continue as normal (and hopefully the workforce can exchange their full equipment range to electric). After a while, the users will see the benefits of changing their old habits, and do things differently because the time required for mowing the lawn will be reduced with 60-80%.

Will we get educated in the system?

Yes, we will educate you both when we visit you to investigate the suitable mowing areas and when we come to install the system. We will teach you how to operate the system, the smartphone app, and the easier maintenance tasks (like exchanging blades and cleaning). And we are of course available via email or phone to help you out along the way.

What if my crew won’t accept this new way of working?

We think that there will probably always be initial resistance from the crew/contractors, which has yet not been educated about the benefits of the system at the beginning of the projects. But we are sure that crews will adapt. The system replaces the ride-ons but the crew will now free plenty of time to do more qualified tasks. This is the same thing as for taxi drivers and Uber. You cannot stop a new disruptive technology by being resistant. For in-house crews, we have already seen a growing positive attitude along with helpful information and videos.


Is the robot safe to operate in environments where people and pets are present?

Yes, our system is safe for both people and animals. Actually, it’s much safer than conventional mowers. In the U.S. alone, about 80,000 people per year are visiting the ER for treatment of lawn mower-related injuries. Unfortunately, about 10,000 of these has to stay at the hospital for further care, and about 600-800 are children that have to undergo amputation surgeries. There are more than one million lawn care robots operating in Europe, and the robots have a remarkable record. The blades stop rotating instantaneously if lifted from the ground. The blades aren’t fixed and pivot away instead of chopping into obstacles. The robot is also equipped with sophisticated sensors that make it stop and turn around when bumping into anything (like trees, people and pets). The distance from the blades to the edge of the mower cover is also further than on conventional mowers (about 3 inches), which prevents fingers and toes from reaching the blades while operating. With that being said, you always have to be cautious in order to prevent accidents.

What happens if the robot gets stolen?

The MowFleet system is insured against theft and we instruct our clients in how to handle the system in a responsible and preventative manner. A lot of it is common sense, so normally this works just fine. In case of theft, you will receive an alarm on your smartphone. A loud audible alarm will be activated as soon as it’s picked up and they are also protected with a PIN code and can never be used anywhere else than in your specific fields. If a thief leaves with the robot, you will be able to pinpoint its location with the help of a GPS-tracker on your smartphone app.

Why is the MowFleet multi lawn system better than stationary robots in regards to theft security?

This problem is solved in a very easy routine. In many areas, there is vandalism and theft of the robots during evenings and night time. Since the MowFleet system is based on a daily routine, where you deploy in the morning and collect in the evening, much of the theft issues are prevented. If you have personnel working on other more advanced maintenance tasks in connection to the lawn areas during the day, it’s even better.

Why shouldn’t we just install a stationary robot rather than signing up for the MowFleet service?

We have over 20 years of experience with robotic lawn care and one of the hurdles for the robotic lawn care to work on commercial areas has been that it’s not efficient enough to make financial sense. The patented MowFleet multi lawn system multiplies the usage of the robots x6. The stationary robot can manage up to about 1.2 acres, while the same, but slightly modified MowFleet robots, can manage up to about 7 acres on a weekly basis.

Can the robots cross sidewalks and pathways?

Yes, the robots can cross sidewalks and pathways without an issue. In coordination with you, we decide about a suiting place where we set up a ‘robot passage’. This is a spot where you find it safe for the robots to pass and where pedestrians and cyclists have a good view and enough time to stop if the robot is passing. Setting up temporary signs is also good to catch the attention of people moving in the area.

Can the MowFleet robots handle steep hills and slopes?

The MowFleet robots can handle hills and slopes up to 45% (24°) inclination. To check for yourself, you can calculate this in the following way: (Vertical distance / Horisontal distance) x 100 = 45%.

Can the robot handle obstacles and bumpy areas?

We only build systems with the best robots available. They work well on uneven ground and around obstacles. The robot will bounce off of larger boulders and trees. But, to help the robots out and complete its job perfectly, it’s helpful to fill any gaps or holes in the lawns prior to deploying the system. Small rocks and low root systems are typically fine to some extent, but preventive measures, evening out the lawn is preferable to make the system cover as much area as possible. We always assess these areas together with you during the installation.

Can the MowFleet system handle small branches and pet waste?

The system can handle small obstacles without an issue. But, we always suggest the work crew to visually check the lawn area before deploying in the morning. By doing this they prevent unnecessary downtime and travel to come and correct when they should be performing other important tasks.

Can the mowers handle leaves from trees?

Yes, the MowFleet robot has no problem mowing through leaves and can in fact help with mulching them. During seasons of heavy leaf fall, it will be necessary to perform regular leaf cleanup to not prevent the robots from performing their job.

Does the system handle grass clippings?

No, since the robot mower doesn’t create strings of clippings on the lawn, this is not needed. The clippings are spread evenly and fall back to the soil where it decomposes and provides important nutrients to the roots. This is a natural fertilizer and will make for a very healthy and green lawn.

Where do I store the robots?

You store them in the transportation solution we provide you with. This makes it very easy to handle and everything has its designated place. We suggest you store the system in a secure warehouse, garage or storage area where you have access to a power supply for charging.

What size of lawn area can a robot handle?

A single robot can handle lawn areas up to about 1/2 acre. This is depending on a couple of parameters, and normally we prefer to visit you and assess the areas, evaluating them based on:

  • The general shape of the areas. A perfect square is very effective, while a long and narrow area is ineffective.
  • The number of obstacles in the area, such as trees, flowerbeds, and playgrounds, etc. will have an impact on the effectiveness. The more obstacles, the less efficient the system becomes.
  • Your work crews working hours. The system is optimal if the robots can work 10 hours per day. Shorter days mean less area covered per day.
  • The distance between the different areas. We will help you to evaluate an appropriate deployment schedule to save as much time as possible.

The sum of these parameters will inflict on how big areas the robots can cover per day and week, and we will help you set up a system that is built on your needs.

Can we pause the MowFleet service during the winter months?

In parts of the USA, the MowFleet mowing service is not needed during all the 12 months of the year. In these regions, the customers have the option to pause their service. When the grass starts to grow again in spring time, we will see that your system has gone through the yearly maintenance and is prepared for another season.

How can the MowFleet multi lawn system help us increase our productivity?

This is one of the more important questions for us at MowFleet. We are not promoting you to cut down your workforce numbers, instead, we have developed an advanced system that enables you to keep your crew busy with more challenging tasks and finish those services that have been neglected on the to-do-list for a long time. By freeing your workforce expertise you will develop an inspiring workplace and parallel tasks can be added to the contract at existing or new clients.

How will the MowFleet system help us lower our costs?

By automating mowing and keeping your crews focused on other more challenging services, we reduce the overall cost. One team member can manage 20 robots daily and still have time to take care of other more creative duties in connecting areas. You can save up till 80% of the time needed to cut the same area as with a ride-on mower.

Can we manage our robots through the smartphone app?

You can get full control through the smartphone app. With as many smartphones as you need, you and your crew can monitor where all your robots are located, receive potential alarms, and even adjust the cut height through the app! You can also schedule specific activity hours during the day if needed.

How safe is the MowFleet system?

It is much safer then conventional mowers. Even though over one million robots are currently operating in Europe, there have been no reports of severe injuries. The mowers move gently around the fields and the rotation stops immediately if lifted. The blades are also non-fixed and pivot from obstacles. The traditional mowers are a giant problem and the reason for approx. 80,000 injuries every year in the U.S. alone, involving both workers and 3rd parties. Unfortunately, about 650 of these accidents leads to amputations on children.

How quiet is the system?

As a comparison, the traditional ride-on mowers produce noise levels of between 95-100 dB. With MowFleet’s automated systems, levels will stay between 58-69 dB which is equivalent to that of an office environment. This means you can mow whenever you need to. It’s nice for both your workforce and others and neither your neighbors nor your tenants will hear them.

How will I contribute to a healthy and eco-friendly cause by using the MowFleet system?

You will contribute to zero emissions. Today lawn equipment generates 5% of U.S. pollution. Our robots are emissions-free and only use 5% of the energy of a ride-on option. According to EPA statistics, one gas mower running for an hour emits the same amount of pollutants as eight new cars driving 55 mph for the same amount of time.

How often will the robots mow my areas?

It depends on the schedule our customers prefer. As a default, the system is based on each area being cut once per week. Depending on the security of each specific area we can also plan for night shifts if suitable since the robots are quiet enough (59dB) to run at night. Closed areas such as sports fields and gated communities can, for example, be a good fit for nightly maintenance.

What grass heights can the mowers cut?

The MowFleet mowers are able to cut from 0.8 up to 2.4 inches. You set the preferred height by programming directly on the mower, or through the smartphone app.

Can the MowFleet mowers cut during rain?

Yes! No more waiting for rain delays and crews that don't show up. The MowFleet fleet mows every day and night if needed. No matter where you’re located you can prevent yourself from being affected. This is especially important in several regions, since the average in the U.S. spans from about 40 rain days in the southwest, up to around 160 rain days in some of the northern states.

How To Get Started

What areas do you service and where are you currently represented?

We are continuously on-boarding and educating service providers nationwide. Please reach out to us via our email and we’ll contact you right away for the next steps. We’ll help you get in contact with a suitable MowFleet Service Provider.

How do I become an MowFleet Authorized Service Provider?

We are always in search of forward-thinking partners to strengthen our presence around the U.S., enabling us to serve more clients and supporting in modernizing the industry. Our partners must be able to support MowFleet with a local sales presence, perform field installations and both preventive and corrective maintenance. In addition to this, we are looking for partners and personalities that have a true interest in changing the industry in favor of a safer and more environmentally friendly technology.

Please contact us at and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Looking forward to hearing from you!