About Us

The Story

I have been selling lawn care solutions for more than 20 years. One day I talked with a customer, who has mowed lawns commercially for over 30 years with different type of ride-on lawn mowers. The working environment on these machines are ergonomically poor and as a result, he now has a damaged back. He knows that I have been working with robotic lawn mowers since 1995 so now he asked me if I could develop a system with robotic mowers for him.
Robotic lawn mowers are of course the future, switching from heavy, polluting and noisy machines to a lawn care on autopilot. Electrical robots as an alternative would be quiet, automated, environmentally friendly and safe. However, until today all the robotic lawn mowers available in the market are designed for a stationary setup, so the upfront investment is high and efficiency per area is low. On top of this, they also require a costly electrical installation in connection to every grass field.
After carefully assessing the problem I created MowFleet Systems. MowFleet provides a system where robots easily can be moved between fields, without a need for power grid connections, and a business model which is highly efficient. MowFleet provides both savings and all the benefits you can expect from an electrified automated robot lawn care system.

- Kalle Andersson, Founder and CEO

About The Company

MowFleet is a brand from Robotic Lawn Care Systems and was founded in 2016 by Kalle Andersson and Per Andersson in Fagersta (Sweden), as a spin-off of Westcom AB, a well-recognized and established Swedish company with more than 22 years of experience in specialized garden equipment and services. Westcom AB is the official retailer of different robotic lawn mower brands such as Husqvarna, Gardena, Robomow, Cub Cadet, MTD, Stihl, and Stiga, among others, and sells robotic mowers to hundreds of customers.

Thus, MowFleet was founded with the aim to change the current way of taking care of public and large green areas, as the founders saw the opportunity and the dire need to replace conventionally used walk-behind and ride-on fuel-powered mowers with electric robotics ones. With the multi lawn system, MowFleet expects to create a superior workflow for multi lawn care, using fleets of robotic mowers that can work for long periods to cover large areas independently of the weather, for a more effective operation resulting in a reduction of costs and improved profitability.

The Team

Our new company has shaped a team which excels in its knowledge of the lawn care market, commercial and business strategy, product development, and entrepreneurial experience; gathering over 20 years of experience!

Kalle Andersson
CEO and Founder

Per Andersson
Chairman of the Board and Founder

Håkan Nytorp
Investor and Business Developer

Mikael Lundman
Investor and Business Developer

Magnus Johansson
Sales and Services Sweden

Marcus Granqvist
Sales and Services Sweden

Michael Hellström
Sales and Services Norway

Linus Andersson
Sales and Services United States